Who is Benoit Bouliane – Energetist

Who is Benoit Bouliane – Energetist  🌈

This is a short presentation of who I am and what I do.

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Who am i and what I do as the Energetist ! 🌈

–  Benoit Bouliane – Energetist

“No More Panic Attacks”

I used to suffer from panic attacks, I was unable to leave the house, I spent all my days in the house, my anxieties kept me from sleeping, I was afraid of people looking me in the eyes, of their judgement… my boyfriend couldn’t stand it anymore… He tried to rationalize the whole thing with me and calm me down. I couldn’t think clearly. It only made things worse, I was stressing out even more and couldn’t even figure out why I was experiencing all of that, apart from having gone through a series of painful and traumatic events in the past.

Following a therapist’s recommendation, I called Benoit and asked him if he could do something for me. He said yes and we arranged for an appointment. Three days after the session, my boyfriend told me he couldn’t recognize me anymore! I would go out of the house, all panic attacks were gone… My boyfriend however, was wondering whether it would last.

Two months later I came across one of my friends while I was in town (by myself…). She said she was surprised to see me with such a smile on my face and talking so freely. ” I found a job! ” I told her.   “And guess what type of work? I’m working with the public!!! “.  Life is finally opening up for me AT LAST!!!

–  Jenny X, 22

“Most Incredible Therapist I’ve Worked With!”

I’ve spent over 14 years in medical school, getting a PhD as a Neuro-Psychologist, trained medical researcher, and scientist.  I’ve seen numerous therapists in my life, with differing levels of skills.  Frankly, I have no logical or rational explanations for all the changes that are taking place inside of me since our first session together… All I know is that I’m becoming a better person, in a flagrant way.  As a therapist, I know that our best wage is not always our pay check, but rather the satisfaction, real satisfaction of having been able to help.  As a scientist, I don’t know what exactly you’re doing to me, but as a person it’s like each and every day I’m getting a fresh dose of oxygen, a massive one.  I like the person I’m becoming, a lot!  I look forwand to continuing working with you.  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

–  Anonymous, PhD, Neuro-Psychotherapist and Researcher, Canada

“Chronic Back Pain Gone”

Hi, Just to give you some feedback about my back pain issue that was bugging me for the past 3 days and kept me from bending over… quite painful and hindering!  This chronic pain was bothering me for the past 25 years and would come and haunt me for a couple weeks at a time even though I was on heavy pain killers. Well, I’m glad to say that following last night’s treatment I woke up this morning feeling a lot better! And to top it all off I was completely pain free by the end of the afternoon!  Nothing! Nada!  And now I’m in perfect shape for tomorrow’s 12 hour shift at the Fire Station! Thanks a million!

–  Chris M., Firefighter Paramedic

“Mind Blowing: PTSD from Abusive Narcissist Dissolved! “

Just wanted to tell you that I just drove by the house where I used to live with my narcissistic abusive ex-partner who left me for another woman.  Last time I drove by the house, I almost had a panic attack and came close to fainting.  This time around: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, I FELT ALL NEUTRAL; I was just busy listening to my favourite music and analysing the lyrics.  You simply dissolved my traumatic stress disorder.  It’s mind blowing.  Nobody wants to believe me!

–  Anonymous, Quebec

“Keeping Calm”

Hi Benoit,
Hope you’re doing well. I really wanted to thank you because, even if I’m still getting a lot of pressure from my husband I can now keep my cool even if the situation is quite tough!!!  Thank you so much.  Have a good day! You’re really great.
Yours very truly,

– Sandrine T., France

Lyme Disease: “Oh Happiness!”

On Christmas day 🎄 I came accross one of Benoit’s Facebook posts offering free energy healing sessions to the first 5 volunteers.  Hoe hoe hoe hollered Santa Claus, this is for you Virginia! Later that day I was with Benoit over Messenger.  A full one hour conversation with a really nice man whom I instantly trusted.

Now, I’m suffering with Lyme and have been on a difficult life path both physically and emotionally.  Deeply burried trapped stuff that’s been poisoning my life and body for so long.

At first, I simply felt well but not long thereafter I felt this Joy coming back to my heart.  Can you imagine what this felt like ? It was like being floaded with positivity.  We never even talked about the heavy life experience stuff and I could already feel some magic.

I don’t quite know how to put it to you but I just feel like so many people could benefit and finally overcome their problems by going through this type of therapy. So I tell you my friends, buddies, everybody, really, from the bottom of my heart, I strongly recommend getting in touch with this delightful man.

I love you and wish you the best ❤ Thanks again Benoit for what you gave me.  It’s the most wondeful of gifts.🎁  Today, I was able to do a lot of stuff physically and laughed and smiled non-stop.

Oh Happy Days!!!

– Virginie C.L., France

“Mare is now trustful”

Hello Benoit, just reporting on the work you’ve done on Unity, my mare. Remember the one I bought from 2 previous owners?  Well, she doesn’t run away from people anymore and is a lot more trustful.  She now lets me pat her and scratch her behind.  She almost ended up sitting on my lap backing up to get her behind scratched!  And, it seems like she’s not bothered anymore when I’m calling her by her new name.  Ah, I almost forgot, she doesn’t have the ankle problem anymore either.  I’m quite impressed!  Is there anything you can’t do?  Every horse owner would benefit from getting in touch with you. Thanks a million!

– Audrey M., Osteopath

“I Came Back to Life”

It was such a pleasure doing a remote healing session with Benoit Bouliane and I strongly recommend him. It felt like coming right back to life after our very first meeting. Now I’m feeling great both physically and mentally. I’m so grateful for having crossed paths with him and I hope this is only the beginning…

Oups, I forgot to tell you that it also allowed me to get back with my boyfriend. Thank you so much.

– Manon D., Therapist and Entrepreneur, Quebec

“My Migraine Went Away the Minute You Started Speaking”

I’ll make it short.  When you started speaking about what you do at the Ho’Oponopono event, the very minute you started, well, my migraine vanished.  Pure and simple.  Thank you very much! 🙂

– A., Canada

“Crushed Leg No Longer Limping & Dog Is Now Obedient”

Just dropping in to thank Benoit for his work our one year and a half old Labrador called Light.  Not long ago she hurt her right hind leg jumping off my husband’s farm tractor.  When it happened, she was already nursing a fracture she’d sustained in a car accident when she was 4 months old and it had her already limping from her left hind leg.

I was devastated following this new accident. The dog’s limping was now even worse and I couldn’t imagine myself having to take care of my dear dog for another couple months longer.  And to top it all off, the vets wanted to charge us a bundle to operate on her and I decided not to go ahead with it because it was too expensive. I couldn’t stop crying thinking about her sad condition. And I was feeling so guilty about it.

This is when a friend of mine told me about Ben and his healing gifts and how he could do his work remotely. So I contacted him not really knowing what to expect.

During the session, while Benoit was taking care of the dog’s legs problems, I realized some important thing about my relationship with my dog. I’d never really shown it who was the real boss. As a matter of fact, whenever the dog’s breeder would come over and visit Light, the dog would react to him like it had never done it before with me – being playful and jumping all over the place. Light was torn between the Breeder and myself. Benoit also did some work about this.

Those were some of the more impressive things that came out of that session. But what’s amazing in all of this is that the dog’s no longer limping from either legs, she is now very close to me and even obeys without resistance.

What a relief, I’m now free from any guilt and from my dog’s legs problems.

– A.C.B., Farmer, France

Available, Kind, Attentive… and Efficient”

Hi, Thanks for yesterday’s session which I really liked including our great conversation.  Things are getting better as far as the ribs go…  Thanks for your availability, your kindness, your listening… and for your efficiency!

–  Séverine P., France

“Urinary Incontinence at Birth”

I’m a dog breeder. One of my dog’s last litter came with a puppie suffering with urinary incontinence. I talked about it with a friend of mine who then told me that she knew somebody (Benoit Bouliane) who did remote healings. I gave him the ok to work on my dog. Following the first session she leaked less than before.

The day after, I brought her to the vet who did an ultrasound scan on it. It had a birth defect – the kidneys were directly connected to the dog’s vagina bypassing the bladder. The bladder wasn’t functioning and one of its kidneys was greatly swollen. Thus explaining the permanent leaking and retention problems. The veterinarian told me he could operate but chances were that the incontinence problem would remain since both the bladder and sphincter had never functioned before and that the bladder lining was hard with a cardboard like texture and that it probably wouldn’t be able to expand as it would fill.

I discussed this matter with my friend once again who relayed the info to Benoit. He did some more remote work with the dog. Right after the operation I noticed the dog was trained and wasn’t leaking anymore! Both the bladder and sphincter were functioning well!

This is quite interesting since the vet had told me that all dogs that had gotten operated on for this type of defect ended up incontinent on a permanent basis.

Since then, she’s been adopted. We’ve named her Naia like the Water Princess. Even if she had remained incontinent she still would have been adopted by the same family. And now I’m so happy for myself and also for them because the dog is now cured. So I now realize that in spite of the birth defect Benoit’s intervention allowed for great results related to the scarring and normal function of the bladder and sphincter despite the atrophy.

– Michèle S., Dog Breeder, France

Lyme : “I got my life back, and then some!”

As part of my Lyme disease story I’d like to share how Benoit Bouliane has helped me.

He first started working on clearing any false beliefs that could hinder healing or bring any side benefits as part of being sick – I realized that it was unconsciously getting me some attention from my loved ones.

Nowadays, following 2 healing and/or coaching sessions with Benoit, I don’t feel tired anymore – even after playing sports for a couple of hours.  When I’m pushing to the limit I don’t suffer anymore.  Benoit also recommended that I take Epsom Salt baths.  I’m happy and now realize that I’ve gotten my life back and then some! I sleep better and above all I don’t have any muscle or joint pain anymore!  Of course I’m still watching what I eat and keep doing detoxes, taking turmeric, etc.

Thanks again Benoit for this high quality coaching.  I can only recommend Benoit’s services.  Following his treatments, my everyday life has done a full 360 degrees changing into one where pain and fatigue are mere memories.  Good luck everybody!

– Fran V.-S., France

“Anxiety, Fears, Vibration, Overall work”

Strong recommendation for deep clearings: Benoit Bouliane.
I’ve been having episodes of sudden anxiety where I would go to bed and hide. I was led to a healing with Benoit through another friend. It was unlike any other healing I had had before. He was working on releasing fears… a lot of past life fears, a lot to do with animals, family feuds, etc.

Benoit measured my vibration at the beginning of the session, it was stuck in between pride and anger. Through his clearings my vibration raised from 125 to 429 (on Hawkins’ scale)! This is huge! At the end it was Inner Wisdom which is transitioning into a higher level of consciousness.

A week later, I’m free of the anxiety. Now with some daily self cleansings through meditations, I am feeling a real abcnews of conscious fear at last.. Benoit works on our unconscious garbage so to speak… and clears it for good.

– Natalie T., Australia

“Emotions, Fears, Tantrums”

My son who’s 8 has been moody, throwing big tantrums and showing big emotions, just not happy overall. He had a lot of fears as well. He’s been like this since he was about 4, I suppose. The morning after your session he woke up with a smile instead of being cranky. He’s been happier, not moody, no big emotions, no negative self talk. Both of his teachers commented to me how he is happier, calmer, eating better. I also noticed after a day, he’s been doing things that until a few days before would scare him.

Last week he left the house with his dad, something they would never do unless I was with them. That  gave me time to connect. I connected to my Higher Self !!! First time! I saw them, felt them and channeled them. So much beauty. So much love. So much wisdom!!! My son even went sleeping at a friend’s house. This is so great for everybody. I now get some free time to myself too.  Thank you thank you thank you!!! I recommend Benoit for children. Thank you so much.

– Natalie T., Australia

“Energy Work for a lighter and happier life”

I had an energy work session yesterday with Healer extraordinaire -Benoit Bouliane. He takes it to the next level entirely! WOW!

I felt an enormous shift immediately, and continued clearing throughout the night. I go to a LOT of people – each is different, but some really stand out – and now BENOIT, who’s work is many-dimensional, shifts oceans of energy instantly. POWERFUL!!! The difference is QUANTITY! Benoit works in a way that feels like if you lift a 50 lb bag of dog food and carry it for a while, and you drop it on the counter – then the clerk says – “Oh, that’s free! We’ll take it to the car for you.”. It’s like – “Ahh! I feel suddenly MUCH lighter and happy!” I highly recommend him!!!

–  Stefanie A.H., New York, USA

“Hyperemotivity, Bashfulness”

I come from a culture where emotions shall not be expressed freely. Just after 30 minutes into the session with Benoit I felt lighter. I feel so much better, like something came off my chest. I now call him my Emotions Doctor! Thank you Dr. Emotions!

–  Yasuko K., Japan