Ditch PTSD, Trauma, Panic & Phobias

Get past your traumas – PTSD, Panic Attacks, Phobias, etc.

Get past your trauma - PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Life experiences can come with truly debilitating consequences. Traditionnal approaches to emotional issues, traumas, panic attacks and phobias often end up being mere bandaids.  They take a while to implement and often yield limited results.  New advanced techniques such as Energy Therapy can literally, quickly and permanently turn things around, allowing you to – at last – live a joyous and pain free life you’ll be able to share with your loved ones.

Whether you’re suffering from emotional issues (overwhelm, hyper sensitivity, grief, loss, breakup, fear, trauma, distress, five wounds, anxiety, phobias or PTSD) following emotional, physical, sexual abuse, childhood wounds, military combat, natural disasters or accidents – or even experiencing Panic Attacks/Disorders or any other condition stemming from unknown causes – my Energy Healing approach constitutes a powerful and efficient way of getting at the root cause by uncovering and clearing out what’s behind your problem, and for good.

Depending on your condition, a single and sometimes two session is often enough to accurately identify all underlying subconscious emotional, mental and/or physical blocks and then proceed to clear those out using targeted Energy Releasing techniques.  Once cleared, underlying blocks are gone for good.  The body/mind are then free to recover from your condition with results often showing up quickly.

This technique offers the added benefit of you not having to releive or delve into the traumatising underlying details of your problems – if you don’t want to.  Isn’t that great?

Some people have had spectacular results – see the Testimonials section.

Get relief NOW and enjoy a pain free and joyous life : Book a Session with me.  – Ben  🙂


“Mind Blowing: PTSD from Abusive Narcissist Dissolved”

Just wanted to tell you that I just drove by the house where I used to live with my narcissistic abusive ex-partner who left me for another woman.  Usually as I drove by the house, I would almost suffer panic attacks coming close to fainting.  This time around: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, I FELT ALL NEUTRAL; I was just busy listening to my favourite music and analyzing the lyrics.  You simply dissolved my traumatic stress disorder.  It’s mind blowing.  Nobody wants to believe me!

–  Anonymous, Quebec

“No More Panic Attacks: A New Life Has Begun!”

I used to suffer from panic attacks, I was unable to leave the house, I spent all my days in the house, my anxieties kept me from sleeping, I was afraid of people looking me in the eyes, of their judgement… my boyfriend couldn’t stand it anymore… He tried to rationalize the whole thing with me and calm me down. I couldn’t think clearly. It only made things worse, I was stressing out even more and couldn’t even figure out why I was experiencing all of that, apart from having gone through a series of painful and traumatic events in the past.

Following a therapist’s recommendation, I called Benoit and asked him if he could do something for me. He said yes and we arranged for an appointment. Three days after the session, my boyfriend told me he couldn’t recognize me anymore! I would go out of the house, all panic attacks were gone… My boyfriend however, was wondering whether it would last.

Two months later I came across one of my friends while I was in town (by myself…). She said she was surprised to see me with such a smile on my face and talking so freely. ” I found a job! ” I told her.   “And guess what type of work? I’m working with the public!!! “.  A whole new life has begun AT LAST!!!

–  Jenny X, 22