Lyme, West Nile, HIV/AIDS & other diseases

Lyme, West Nile, HIV/AIDS & other infectious diseases

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Whether you’re suffering from Lyme disease, West Nile Virus (WNV), HIV/AIDS or any other infectious diseases, the key element here is: your immune system gets hit real hard and can’t keep up with fighting the different viruses, bacterias/co-infections it encounters.  When this happens a whole slew of symptoms appear making it very difficult for you to function properly.

While traditional treatments and healthy nutrition and lifestyle can sometimes help you “manage” these infectious diseases and associated symptoms, the goal here is to get to the source of the problem and get rid of it.  I use Energy Therapy to quickly identify, with precision and then clear for good any underlying blocks that are keeping your body from taking care of those infections by itself: because you know, the body has this wonderful innate ability to self-heal.  And THAT is the best part. 🙂

This approach addresses the mental (healing limiting beliefs), physical (detox and immune systems), emotional (trapped emotions, traumas) and energetic aspects.  Along the way, I make sure this energy healing work is done one step (element/pathogen) at a time so we’re not putting too much of a burden on the body (detox symptoms – die-off, Herxheimer, etc).  When the body tells us it’s had enough, this message is honoured and respected. Work is then resumed at an appropriate time.

Once the energy work is all done, we just have to wait for the body to do its own healing.  Results are sometimes quick to come, other times longer – it varies from case to case. People are different and we also need to respect your body’s own healing pace.  I have dealt with many people with various infectious diseases with success and here is a testimonial reflecting what alternate therapy and my Energy Healing sessions can do for you.

Looking forward to helping you out. – Ben


Lyme Disease: “Oh Happiness!”

On Christmas day 🎄 I came accross one of Benoit’s Facebook posts offering free energy healing sessions to the first 5 volunteers.  Hoe hoe hoe hollered Santa Claus, this is for you Virginia! Later that day I was with Benoit over Messenger.  A full one hour conversation with a really nice man whom I instantly trusted.

Now, I’m suffering with Lyme and have been on a difficult life path both physically and emotionally.  Deeply burried trapped stuff that’s been poisoning my life and body for so long.

At first, I simply felt well but not long thereafter I felt this Joy coming back to my heart.  Can you imagine what this felt like ? It was like being floaded with positivity.  We never even talked about the heavy life experience stuff and I could already feel some magic.

I don’t quite know how to put it to you but I just feel like so many people could benefit and finally overcome their problems by going through this type of therapy. So I tell you my friends, buddies, everybody, really, from the bottom of my heart, I strongly recommend getting in touch with this delightful man.

I love you and wish you the best ❤ Thanks again Benoit for what you gave me.  It’s the most wondeful of gifts.🎁  Today, I was able to do a lot of stuff physically and laughed and smiled non-stop.

Oh Happy Days!!!

– Virginie C.L., France

Lyme : “I got my life back, and then some!”

As part of my Lyme disease story I’d like to share how Benoit Bouliane has helped me.

He first started working on clearing any false beliefs that could hinder healing or bring any side benefits as part of being sick – I realized that it was unconsciously getting me some attention from my loved ones.

Nowadays, following 2 healing and/or coaching sessions with Benoit, I don’t feel tired anymore – even after playing sports for a couple of hours.  When I’m pushing to the limit I don’t suffer anymore.  Benoit also recommended that I take Epsom Salt baths.  I’m happy and now realize that I’ve gotten my life back and then some! I sleep better and above all I don’t have any muscle or joint pain anymore!  Of course I’m still watching what I eat and keep doing detoxes, taking turmeric, etc.

Thanks again Benoit for this high quality coaching.  I can only recommend Benoit’s services.  Following his treatments, my everyday life has done a full 360 degrees changing into one where pain and fatigue are mere memories.  Good luck everybody!

– Fran V.-S., France