Free 5 min. Consultation – Akashic Records, Quantum Healing – Energetist

Free 5 min. Consultation

A free 5 min. consultation is NOT a mini healing session, It can be had where you can ask more questions or get to know me a bit more before booking a session and after having read the basic info about the sessions below.

No requests for healing or what needs to be healed or that requires any intuition can be asked unless I freely do it.  I can still give an overall opinion about your case as it would relate to me addressing it.   However, it is not a mini healing session.

This consultation can be done over audio / phone or video.

Again, Before booking a Free 5 min. Consultation,  PLEASE Read the info below about sessions and in the About Sessions section too.

If you still have questions or would like to connect with me, you can send me a Free session request
by email: or
by filling out the form below,
Or by calling me at: 514-909-6409

You can also connect with me on Facebook @

The consultation can be done over Zoom, audio or video, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.  We can exchange to figure this out. TY.

Session info

Live 1-on-1 video over Zoom (preferably) or / Messenger / Whatsapp ),  Phone (US & Can.),  Email/chat.

Business hours

Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri : 9am-5pm Eastern Time (US & Can.).
Europe:  14:00 – 21:00  Western Europe Time.
Australia: 6:00 – 11:00 Sydney Time.
* Other time slots available occasionally ( Sat’s & evenings )

Session Rates

*  Live 1-on-1 (Zoom, Skype, etc.)
** Audio / Phone upon request.

Up to date rates and can be found here:  My Etsy Shop

Sessions Offered

Here is a list of some of the sessions I offer BUT not limited to.
Extensive Chakra, Aura and Energy Diagnostic (Email report) :  –$ USD

Extensive Chakra, Aura and Energy Clearing, Balancing (45m.) :  –$ USD

Akashic Records / Channeled Reading (60m.) :  –$ USD

Akashic Records Clearing / Healing (60m.) :  –$ USD

Deep Entity Removal, Permanent Withdrawal. Enquirer USD

Cord Cutting Session (30m.)–$ USD

Deep Emotional/Trauma Release (45m.)–$ USD

Mental, Stress, Fear Relief (45m.)–$ USD

Karmic / Past Life Release (60m.)–$ USD

Soul Retrieval & Fragment Release (45m.)–$ USD

Up to date rates can be found here:  My Etsy Shop


Canada :  Interac bank transfer
Europe :  Direct Bank Account Transfer ( IBAN provided )
USA and rest of the world :  Paypal:

*** Contacting or Booking

To contact Benoit, to book a 5 min. consultation or a full paying session,
Please fill in the following form and click Submit.

Thank you