Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy

Overall, Energy Therapy is based on the existence of energy fields flowing in and around the human body.  When energy is free flowing with harmony within your body then you are in good emotional, physical et spiritual health. When you are sick, it’s just that the energy flow is unbalanced or disrupted somewhere.

Energy disruptions show up in different forms we call symptoms.  Symptoms are part of a mechanism that the body uses to tell you that something wrong is going on within itself – and that you should do something about it.  It’s just like an alarm system. Symptoms can show up differently as emotional or psychological issues, physical pain, body systems’ dysfunction, behavioural problems, etc.

Traditionally, modern medicine has been diagnosing illnesses and syndromes simply by identifying a group of symptoms and tagging a name to them.  In fact, you don’t really suffer from some illness but you show symptoms or group of symptoms. And a name has been tagged to this group of symptoms and it is called an illness or syndrome. And it should be noted that those lists of symptoms do not take into account their causes or sources.

According to many therapeutic modalities (holistic, chinese, ayurvedic, etc. ), the body – in interaction with nature – is programmed to remain energetically balanced, that is to stay healthy. Human beings are thus programmed to stay healthy, this is what we call homeostasis. If you happen to suffer from some illness this is either caused by a depletion of your own body’s energy reserve or by the presence of some energy imbalance or disruption.

Whenever there is an energy imbalance one has to find the causes for it. They can either be internal or external and can be of many types:

  • emotional (blocks, traumas, etc.)
  • physical (injuries, traumas)
  • physiological (structural, body systems)
  • nutritional (deficiencies, imbalances)
  • pathogenic (bacterias, viruses, parasites)
  • lifestyle (sleep, exercise…)
  • weather (cold, heat, humidity, wind…)
  • bad influences (toxic relationships, people, family, social)
  • chemical (pollution, medications, household detergents, food)
  • electromagnetic (cellular/wifi, radiation, microwave, electronic devices…)
  • overuse/addictions (stress, overwork, exercise, eating, drinking, drugs, sex)

In short, diseases are just an expression of energy imbalances in the body. The therapist’s job is not to heal people, some disease or illness but rather to look for the underlying energy imbalances and eliminate/clear them out. It is just a matter of balancing energies. And who says balanced energies says good health.

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“Dog’s Limping Is Gone & Now Obedient”

Just dropping in to thank Benoit for his work our one year and a half old Labrador called Light.  Not long ago she hurt her right hind leg jumping off my husband’s farm tractor.  When it happened, she was already nursing a fracture she’d sustained in a car accident when she was 4 months old and it had her already limping from her left hind leg.

I was devastated following this new accident. The dog’s limping was now even worse and I couldn’t imagine myself having to take care of my dear dog for another couple months longer.  And to top it all off, the vets wanted to charge us a bundle to operate on her and I decided not to go ahead with it because it was too expensive. I couldn’t stop crying thinking about her sad condition. And I was feeling so guilty about it.

This is when a friend of mine told me about Ben and his healing gifts and how he could do his work remotely. So I contacted him not really knowing what to expect.

During the session, while Benoit was taking care of the dog’s legs problems, I realized some important thing about my relationship with my dog. I’d never really shown it who was the real boss. As a matter of fact, whenever the dog’s breeder would come over and visit Light, the dog would react to him like it had never done it before with me – being playful and jumping all over the place. Light was torn between the Breeder and myself. Benoit also did some work about this.

Those were some of the more impressive things that came out of that session. But what’s amazing in all of this is that the dog’s no longer limping from either legs, she is now very close to me and even obeys without resistance.

What a relief, I’m now free from any guilt and from my dog’s legs problems.

– A.C.B., Farmer, France

“Anxiety, Fears, Vibration, Overall work”

Strong recommendation for lower vibrational clearings: Benoit Bouliane.
I’ve been having episodes of sudden anxiety where I would go to bed and hide. I was led to a healing with Benoit through another friend. It was unlike any other healing I had had before. He was working on releasing fears… a lot of past life fears, a lot to do with animals, family feuds, etc.

Benoit measured my vibration at the beginning of the session, it was stuck in between pride and anger. Through his clearings my vibration raised from 125 to 429 (on Hawkins’ scale)! This is huge! At the end it was Inner Wisdom which is transitioning into a higher level of consciousness.

A week later, I’m free of the anxiety. Now with some daily self cleansings through meditations, I am feeling a real abcnews of conscious fear at least.. Benoit works on our unconscious garbage so to speak… and clears it for good.

– Natalie T., Australia