Channeled Healing

Channeled Light Healing

Benoit’s healing modality involves many gifts including his mediumship ablility to connect with your subconscious, higher self and soul.  He can also connect with and channel in higher realms light beings.  Among them are Angels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Syrians and other Star Nations.  Akashic Records are also accessed to trace/identify issues that need attention, etc.

His connections are established through different means such as clairs (audience, cognicence, sentience), heart to heart, Soul Embodyment.  Healing is then facilitated in many different ways through the use of energetic exchange, hand/body light-language, eye-sight, tonal/singing/whistling/verbal/vibration, mind’s eye, heart-to-heart energetic connection, chakra generated energy, energetic transmissions, activations, etc.

Shamanic modalities from American Indian, Australian Aboriginal, African Ancestrals origins are sometimes part of the mix too.  New modalities pop up every now and then with Benoit’s evolution or as activated by the light beiings as they are needed; of which his latest one:  Soul Walk-in or Soul Swaping Healing.

Healing occurs on multiple levels ( Physical, Emotional, Mental, spiritual ) including current lifetime aspects/blocks, inherited generational/ lineage and also past life / soul related encompassing higher/multi dimensional aspects.  Healing is simply multi-dimensional.

Each session is different in what comes up and how it is addressed. Some sessions may involve all modalities or just a single one. Some sessions may be quiet, others very active and verbose; whatever happens, all healing occurs in your highest and divine best interest. Beautiful light beings are present to help, guide and protect and sometimes even diseased family members may pop in. Besides healing, messages are sometimes conveyed to help with your personal journey. These messages are not meant to be used for fortune telling however.

Some sessions involve activations, unlocking of abilities, gifts allowing you to come into your divine powerful self.  A lot of people come out of sessions feeling lighter, calmer and find out they are less reactive/triggered, less effected just like many Empaths tend to suffer from or have a tendency to be hyper sensitive to both people and environmental energies.  Their auras replenish and so their protective shield is more effecient.

Sessions can address emotional traumas, PTSD in a very effective way.   Other aspects such as entities, auric attachments, soul fragment retrival, past life issues/spells, Soul contracts, karmic elements can also be dealt with in a swift manner.

During sessions, information about past lives often comes up.  Guidance and messages from your own soul, Guardian Angels, various guides can also be given.

Other help/advice can be offered such as finding out which gifts you are enabled with, how to use them and also advice on how to help you with your own awakening journey / Ascension.  Mentoring can also be provided if desired.

Again, as presented in the Energy Therapy Basics page, whenever there is an energy imbalance one has to find the causes for it. They can either be internal or external energies and can be of many types.

Diseases are just an expression of energy imbalances in the body or energetic fields. The facilitator’s job is not to heal people, some disease or illness but rather to look for the underlying energy imbalances and eliminate/clear them out. It is just a matter of balancing energies. And who says balanced energies says good health.


” Feels like Homecoming ! “

” In the midst of this massive transformation with sky-high temperatures, my bruised heart, full of grief and pain, is more than tired of not finding the key to fully expressing life.

Coincidentally, I am watching an interview on SoulSpeaks 5D hosted by Todd Medina and a guest I till then did’n know about : Benoit Bouliane,

I can immediately see and feel Benoit’s beautiful gifts that are breathtaking and appear to be the answer to my intention I had previously set to find a Thoroughbred Energy Healer, I know instantly that Benoit is the one I want to reach out to. I’ve seen quite a few healers in different stages of my journey and life; what’s in front of me now doesn’t need to wait.

24 hours later we meet in the zoom room and I am overwhelmed by Benoit’s healing abilities, anything that I had not mentioned to him beforehand, forgotten or sealed, never been talked about, is brought up as if by magic and then healed with great care, love and respect in a way, you only want to surrender to. I’m still blown away by all the information that came up about past lives and which really all make sense.

My body, my soul, my whole being, all parts which are hidden in the dark, are so comfortable with your way of healing, restraint is no longer an option for me. It’s hard to describe, but the best I can describe it is by saying that It all feels like a reunion of all parts within myself actually took place. And this is only the first session.

I feel like I stepped out of a cage fueled with a burning fire, no longer holding back.

How can I thank you Benoit for your gifted work, I’m immensely grateful! Looking much forward to working with you and undo all the things which are no longer needed.

It is homecoming for me.”

– Anna, Europe

“Anxiety, Fears, Vibration, Overall work”

Strong recommendation for lower vibrational clearings: Benoit Bouliane.

I’ve been having episodes of sudden anxiety where I would go to bed and hide. I was led to a healing with Benoit through another friend. It was unlike any other healing I had had before. He was working on releasing fears… a lot of past life fears, a lot to do with animals, family feuds, etc.

Benoit measured my vibration at the beginning of the session, it was stuck in between pride and anger. Through his clearings my vibration raised from 125 to 429 (on Hawkins’ scale)! This is huge! At the end it was Inner Wisdom which is transitioning into a higher level of consciousness.

A week later, I’m free of the anxiety. Now with some daily self cleansings through meditations, I am feeling a real abcnews of conscious fear at least.. Benoit works on our unconscious garbage so to speak… and clears it for good.

– Natalie T., Australia