Hi, my name is Ben.  I’m an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist or, as I like to see myself, an Energetist.  (Energy Enthusist, Alchemist, Artist, Therapist, Scientist, Simplist).

My structured intuitive approach has now given way to a channeled one  in uncovering emotional energy imbalances underlying any emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or energetic issues/ailments found in people and animals; and then use Quantum Energy Healing, light language techniques with the help of light beings to clear these imbalances out thus allowing the body to fully engage in it’s innate self-healing process.  Quantum Energy allows for quick therapy and remote work.  You can learn more about Energy Therapy and Channeled Healing.

As people would say everybody have got their own personal story so let me tell you about mine and what my mission is all about.

My personal life story

Ever since I was born and throughout my professional career (I.T.) I’d always heavily rely on my left brain to get along in life.  All logic and well grounded.  Nonetheless I was still born in a family that was very open to alternative wellness approaches.  I can clearly remember my mother serving us with whole wheat bread in the early 70’s, my mother and sister working as acupuncturists with their needleless electronic measuring devices and of course the fasting retreats I took part in in the 80’s-90’s.

My time spent as a young adult was pretty much typical: University, marriage, kids and a great job that brought me to summits.  However, with the new millenium came a long and difficult downward fall for myself.  A series of events of which a bitter divorce from a narcissist with neverending court sessions, loss of my high level I.T. job, the passing away of my dear mother battling Alzheimer’s, being kept from seeing my daughter as often as I was allowed to and finally a professional burnout steming from dealing with a bi-polar boss.  To top it all off a decade long depression would serve as a background to all of this era during which I spent most of my time entrenched in my basement appartment bedroom and only being able to drag myself out for important reasons: kids visits & food.

A year after my mother’s passing away I was still deeply mourning.  This is when I decided to hit the reset button and flee to Europe for a few months at a friend’s house and my sister’s place.  I slowly started a long comeback.  I got myself moving again and began riding my bike and started a diet.  I managed to shed the first 20 pounds of the 65 I would eventually end up losing and that I’d picked up during my downfall.  When I got back home I realized that most of the hurting from my mother’s loss had disappeared.  I also noticebly got out of that lingering lethargy:  both my memory problems and lack of concentration were coming back.  This was quite relieving as I had assigned those symptoms to a potential Alzheimer’s onset.

Personal development, training and my gifts

The following couple of years brought a series of self learnings with regards to wellness: healthy eating, mental health, relaxation, meditation, the impact of the mind on health and the famous Law of Attraction.

Then came a definite turning point for me.  I somehow ended up going to an Hawaiian spiritual technique for self development: Ho.oponopono.  The way I perceived things and looked at life experiences utterly and instantly changed.  A true Ah Ha moment for me.  Applying this method I quickly came to terms with my past, especially with regards to the bitter divorce I’d been resenting for 15 years.  I was so excited and energized with this that I started to share my story and experiences as a public speaker.

I just love learning new things and delve deep.  My University years doing my Bachelor of Science, my living in a family applying naturopathic and traditional chinese medicine approaches and my life experiences come as a great help in understanding the human body from a holistic approach: emotional, physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual stand point.  I easily spent tens of thousands of hours training, reading, viewing videos and seminars related to wellness. I started with studying and applying principles related to the impact of food on health as a whole and then in particular on mental health (Virgin, D’Amato, Perlmutter, Amen).  I went on to reading about meditation and this led to the great spiritual teachers (Dyer, Chopra, Walsch, Tolle, Murphy, Hay, Lipton) and the power of thought and its influence on health.  I then came across and learned several therapeutic modalities related to energy psychology and medecine: Ortner’s Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), A.Loyd’s Healing Code (energy healing with the hands), R.Gordon’s Quantum Touch, Usui Reiki (with Certification), N.Bradley’s Emotion & Body Codes.  I also randomly went to a dowsing seminar that would later on prove to be instrumental in developing my own therapeutic modality.

I then started experimenting on my own self with these therapeutic techniques. I succeeded in testing/questioning the subconscious mind using kinesiology’s muscle testing technique’s extension: dowsing with a pendulum.  I couldn’t believe it, I was thrilled; I was from that point on able to track down and identify emotional blocks/energy imbalances simply by testing/questioning the body.  I then went on and tried to release these imbalances with the use of the same pendulum.  It worked again!  Quantum energy/theory did indeed work!

I went on to do more heavy experimenting/work on myself as a guinea pig.  I started releasing my own emotional baggage linked to things that were bothering me such as fears, behaviours and pains.  I succeeded in releasing tens of thousands of trapped emotions and emotional traumas underlying different personal issues and more specifically tracking down the reasons behind my long standing if not lifelong depressive state.  Results were impressive.  As blocks were released beneficial secondary effects also showed up: my mental abilities and intuition developed greatly.

Armed with this success and confidence that I could do all of this with the pendulum without even needing any body contact to do so, I then decided to try it out remotely. I called up my sister who’s also a therapist in France and suggested I do some work on one of her dogs to test it out!   She enthusiastically agreed.  It turned out to work beautifully and quickly!  Remote sessions equally as effective!  Quantum energy/theory did its thing again! (see testimonials section)

As time went by and I kept doing my releasing / inner work, I started being able to connect witout the use of a pendulum.  With intent I could then connect with different sources, subconsious, souls, light beings.  New modalities include mediumship, channeled light language, shamanic, verbal toning, sight healing, heart to heart healing.  This includes activations, coding, etc.

My values and mission

Besides possessing energy therapy skills allowing the body to heal itself from various ailments what truly satisfies me the most in this type of work that I do is being able to free people from their emotional, physical and mental blocks that keep them emprisoned and not being able to fully function.  That is, helping people be themselves, reach their goals and for some of them just to be able to make it through a regular day.  For anybody, this kind of freedom will open doors to fully functioning, recognizing their strengths, accepting themselves and ultimately finding their true essence.  This allows them to assume full responsibility for their lives and become less dependant on external factors to fill their voids and thus bring them a happier life.  Moreover, this kind of personal development naturally brings people abilities in comprehending, tolerating and loving not only themselves but other people as well.  And ultimately and in my own opinion, this is how – by starting with taking care of ourselves – that we as people will be able to accept others and in the end make a better world all around.

From this stand point, I’d like to tell you from personal experience that YOU CAN overcome your issues, be happy, make your dreams come true and become your true self.  And I’d personally be honered to help you out in doing this.

Thank you and have a great journey!

Benoît  (Ben) Energetist.


“Hyper emotional, Shy”

I come from a culture where emotions shall not be expressed freely. Just after 30 minutes into the session with Benoit I felt lighter. I feel so much better, like something came off my chest and can express myself so much easily now.  I now call him my Emotions Doctor! Thank you Dr. Emotions!

–  Yasuko K., Japan

 “Most Incredible Therapist I’ve Worked With!”

I’ve spent over 14 years in medical school, getting a PhD as a Neuro-Psychologist, trained medical researcher, and scientist.  I’ve seen numerous therapists in my life, with differing levels of skills.  Frankly, I have no logical or rational explanations for all the changes that are taking place inside of me since our first session together… All I know is that I’m becoming a better person, in a flagrant way.  As a therapist, I know that our best wage is not always our pay check, but rather the satisfaction, real satisfaction of having been able to help.  As a scientist, I don’t know what exactly you’re doing to me, but as a person it’s like each and every day I’m getting a fresh dose of oxygen, a massive one.  I like the person I’m becoming, a lot!  I look forwand to continuing working with you.  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

–  Anonymous, PhD, Neuro-Psychotherapist and Researcher, Canada

“I Could Feel Your Energy/Aura From Accross the Room”

Hello Benoit.  I was at the public wellness speaking event last week.  I just wanted to say that when I stepped into the room and sat down I immediately felt this powerful energy coming from all the way across the room. I’m a very sensitive person and I knew something special was radiating.  Later on when you got up and walked to the front of the room and I heard your speech, it confirmed that it was you that was so special.

Thanks for sharing your experience and helping people.

–  V.M., Canada

“Available, Kind, Attentive… and Efficient”

Hi, Thanks for yesterday’s session which I really liked including our great conversation.  Things are getting better as far as the ribs go. Thanks for your availability, your kindness, your listening… and for your efficiency!

–  Séverine P., France